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Review: The Bedlam Stacks – Natasha Pulley

The digest: Pulley's writing has improved in almost every single aspect compared to her previous novel, making The Bedlam Stacks a work of historical fiction everybody should read. A genuinely engaging, focused, layered narrative which builds momentum tremendously well, culminating in a truly satisfying climax. I urge you to read this at your earliest convenience.

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Review: The Clarity of Cold Steel: A Steampunk Detective Novel – Kevin Wright

The digest: The Clarity of Cold Steel has one of the most unique takes on a post-apocalyptic world that I can remember – it is clearly the result of much hard work, and the efforts seem to have paid off. The plot is absolutely stunning, and the development of our protagonist through his speech and other nuances is very well handled.

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Review: The Watchmaker of Filigree Street – Natasha Pulley

The digest: a solid novel which crosses over several genres (historical fiction, steampunk, low fantasy etc) which has some interesting ideas and plot mechanics. Characters grow throughout the story (through reveals, flashbacks, and normal progression), fun settings are prevalent, and it is very much grounded in a steampunk-esque Victorian era.

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Review: Guild of Tokens: Initiate – Jon Auerbach

The digest: a well-written, plot-driven, easy to read novella which entertains from the first page to the last. There are no false-pretences here, Auerbach takes a relatively simple idea and executes it smoothly, with a well-paced plot ensuring that the reader is never bored. The main drawbacks here are the lack of character development and narrative complexity, which are admissible when considering this as an introductory part of a larger body of work.