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Review: They Mosty Come Out At Night – Benedict Patrick

The digest: In just over 200 pages Patrick creates an immersive yet lightweight narrative with a keen focus on localised worldbuilding. Through folklore and mysticism we learn about a world not too unlike our own in times gone by where tribal gods and their servants are very much a real part of life.

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[Short] Review: The Breaking of the Sky – Ed McDonald

4/5. I am now eager to hunt down a copy of Blackwing (the first entry in this series) and find out exactly what on earth happened at the end of The Breaking of the Sky. I don't feel as if I missed out by not already having that prior knowledge, instead, with the nods to and omissions of certain details acting as perfect points of intrigue and make me want to pick up the series.

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Review: Three Crows Magazine Issue 1

Review: Three Crows Magazine Issue 1   4/5| Speculative Fiction| 78 pages   Three Crows Magazine (that’s a direct link to their site) is a recently released publication from a team of three editors and a multitude of different authors, focusing on fantasy and science-fiction in particular with interviews and reviews joining the fray. I paid… Continue reading Review: Three Crows Magazine Issue 1

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[Short] Review: Animals of Ure – Daryna Stremetska (trans. by Maksym Bakalov)

4/5 for this short. It acts as a perfect introduction into the Three Crows magazine and (hopefully) into the author’s future works. I highly recommend that everyone pick up a copy of the magazine ($3 full price of .99$ as of writing this review). It's fun and has a solid variety of high-quality content. I am excited to see what their future holds - I'll certainly be posting reviews for other stories I particularly enjoyed!