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BC: July Library Haul 2

After finishing both of the books I borrowed at the start of July, Caraval and a closed and common orbit, I took another trip to the library to see what else took my fancy. Again I only ended up borrowing two actual books (though one is a compilation of two novels).


The first of these was Theft of Swords – Michael J. Sullivan – which is a 664-page chunker of a paperback containing the first two stories of The Riyria Revelations series (The Crown Conspiracy and Avempartha). I have read online that these stories are some of the more uplifting examples of fantasy, and I feel like that is something I need right now – I’ve had a sustained period of serious or dark novels and a break from that would do me good. It’s got a bit of a questionable cover (not really a fan of real people on the front of books) but that obviously doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.


The second book I borrowed today is The Silent Companions – Laura Purcell. This is doing the round on the Internet at the moment with a lot of publicity coming from both the BBC Radio 2 Book Club and the  Zoe Ball Book Club on ITV here in the UK. The plot seems intriguing and it’s been a fair while since I’ve read something that has the potential to be a bit scary. Reviews all seem to be mostly positive so I’ll be getting around to this one sooner rather than later I hope. As an added bonus the cover follows a nice clean black and gold colour pattern.

Let me know your thoughts on these books if you have read either of them, or more generally any books you have borrowed recently.

3 thoughts on “BC: July Library Haul 2

  1. I read it last summer and I absolutely loved it!The Silent Companions is a very a interesting and very dark story ,it is a ghost story but it is also a wonderful mystery …perhaps more of a winter read than a hot summer book😓

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    1. Luckily for me it’s stormy here in the UK today – I best start reading it! Thanks for your thought on the book, it has been a while since I’ve read a good dark ghost story!


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