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BC: August 2018 Reading update

With just over a week left of August, I thought I'd put out a little update about what I've been reading so far this month. Unfortunately, the TBR I posted a few weeks ago isn't going so well but I've got through a fair few other books I wasn't planning on getting around to. Audiobooks… Continue reading BC: August 2018 Reading update

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Review: Weaver’s Lament – Emma Newman

Weaver’s Lament, Emma Newman 3/5 160 pages| Publisher:| Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction/ Historical Fiction The digest: the second instalment in the Industrial Magic series of novellas manages to entertain despite its episodic nature and rough continuity. Newman's storyworld is still intriguing, but more effort needs to be put into developing the characters and exploring… Continue reading Review: Weaver’s Lament – Emma Newman

Book review

Review: The Night Cyclist – Stephen Graham Jones

The Night Cyclist -  Stephen Graham Jones. 5/5 30 pages| Publisher: Tor| Genre: Horror The digest: The Night Cyclist demonstrates how a skilled author can create an intense and enthralling narrative in only 30 pages. Without a doubt the most engaging short I have read in a long time, with enough blank space in the detailing… Continue reading Review: The Night Cyclist – Stephen Graham Jones

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BC: July Pickups

This month I bought four books - I've been after three of them for quite a while whilst the fourth (the newest release) I only discovered a few weeks ago. I normally try to stay away from newly released books unless I want to read them as soon as possible after publication, but with my internship now in full swing, I thought I would treat myself a little bit. August will see the return to steep discounts if I buy any at all! As usual, I won't be talking much about the review copies I received.