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BC: August 2018 TBR

August – the last full month of my summer holiday, the first 24 days devoted to working full time. I’m a free man after that, though, which should mean the return to more reading!


This month I have a few ARCs I need to get through for review as part of the TBRindr programme. These include Windcatcher – A.J. Norfield, Protecting the Dead – Katherine Gilbert, Shattered Dreams – Ulff Lehmann, and Pandemonium – Sean Farley. I think I have a good chance of getting through these four in August but if not, it will be the latter books which get missed out. Anything not finished this month will be completed in September 2018. I will be posting reviews for these as and when I have finished the books so do keep an eye out if any of these have taken your fancy.


I have also received free review copies of The Fire Eye Chosen – Samuel Gately, and Blackwood Marauders – K.S. Villoso as part of the TBRindr programmer. I think these will have to be September reads but they both look interesting enough to somehow slip into August (see my review for The Fire Eye Refugee – Samuel Gately).


Outside of review copies, I will be trying to read the two books I borrowed from the library at the end of July, The Silent Companions – Laura Purcell, and The Crown Conspiracy – Michael J. Sullivan. 


In terms of recent purchases, it is only record of a spaceborn few – Becky Chambers which shouts at me to read it immediately and I have no problem doing so. I’ve just finished a closed and common orbit so I’ll give myself a bit of a breather and get around to it in a couple of weeks or so.


That puts me at at least seven books to be read in August which is quite optimistic with my work schedule but we’ll see how it goes. I reckon I can get through two or three in the last week alone (when I’m not working) so the 3/4 of the month will all be about pacing myself and not being distracted by Netflix (pssssssssst If you like cheesy comedic sci-fi animation, check out Final Space – it’s great).


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