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Review: Three Crows Magazine Issue 1

Review: Three Crows Magazine Issue 1   4/5| Speculative Fiction| 78 pages   Three Crows Magazine (that’s a direct link to their site) is a recently released publication from a team of three editors and a multitude of different authors, focusing on fantasy and science-fiction in particular with interviews and reviews joining the fray. I paid… Continue reading Review: Three Crows Magazine Issue 1

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[Short] Review: Animals of Ure – Daryna Stremetska (trans. by Maksym Bakalov)

4/5 for this short. It acts as a perfect introduction into the Three Crows magazine and (hopefully) into the author’s future works. I highly recommend that everyone pick up a copy of the magazine ($3 full price of .99$ as of writing this review). It's fun and has a solid variety of high-quality content. I am excited to see what their future holds - I'll certainly be posting reviews for other stories I particularly enjoyed!