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BC: February 2019 TBR

I’ll keep this short and sweet 🙂


This month I plan on reading:



  • The Wolf in the Whale. I started this one in January (where it featured on my TBR), and I am currently 4% of the way through it. It’s a bit of a chunker though, at over 540 pages. Such slow-going will probably drive me to pick up other books so that I don’t stop all sense of progression.



  • The Sleeping Dragon – Jonny Nexus. The author kindly offered to send me a paperback ARC of this novel in return for an honest review, and I’m going to try and get to it before publication on February 24th (I believe). I’m a couple of chapters in right now and I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy it a lot.
    • From its Goodreads page:
      • “On a fantasy world Tolkienesque to the point of cliché, the five greatest adventurers of the age discover that in five hundred years, the Sleeping Dragon will awake and destroy civilisation.But prologue aside, this is not their story.This is a story from a half millennium later, in a world now so utterly transformed by mass-produced magic that it seems heroism itself is rendered obsolete, in which five misfits find themselves tasked with preventing the plague, war, famine, and destruction that the Sleeping Dragon will bring forth.

        From the towering spires of Empire City to the wild and bleak Eastern Territories, and from the decadence and glamour of Upabove to a final confrontation upon which rests the fate of their world, this is their story.”



  • Fallen Empire. Author Keith McArdle was kind enough to send me a paperback of this late last year and I have finally been able to start reading it. The novel is not too long so I hope to have a review up in the next few weeks.
















  • In terms of audiobooks and keeping the gender ratio as close to 50/50 as possible (yes I know there are more than two genders but saying ‘the sex ratio’ sounds a bit iffy for a nice little book blog like this), I’ll be listening to A Wizard of Earthsea – Ursula K Le Guin, and if time permits I’ll probably start with I’ll Be Gone in the Dark – Michelle McNamara. If you have read my most recent post about the next five female-authored books I want to read then you will notice the latter wasn’t on there – but oh well, I’m in the mood for a more intense story than the others on the list.


Do let me know down below what you are planning to read in February, or just post a link to your own TBR post for me to check out 🙂


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