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BC: October 2019 TBR

Here's a rather optimistic (if loosely-planned) TBR for OCtober 2019. Please point me toward your own TBRs for this month - I've been slacking a bit on the blogging

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BC: Space Opera September Readathon Participation Announcement

In September I will be trying to focus on completing the Space Opera September readathon (announcement videoTwitter), created and hosted by Thomas Wagner of SFF180 (YouTube, Website, Twitter). This will be my first readathon and I'm so excited to get stuck into a genre I have very limited experience with. The main goal is to read between one and four space opera books, though of course there are challenges which handsomely reward successful readers.

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TBR BC: The Next 5 Female-Authored Books I’m Reading in 2019 (#1)

In order to try and maintain a 50/50 split of male to female authors this year, I'm going to be periodically making posts like this, where I discuss the next five books from female authors that I want to read. I think that breaking goals down into smaller chunks makes them easier to manage, and… Continue reading TBR BC: The Next 5 Female-Authored Books I’m Reading in 2019 (#1)

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Review: Three Crows Magazine Issue 1

Review: Three Crows Magazine Issue 1   4/5| Speculative Fiction| 78 pages   Three Crows Magazine (that’s a direct link to their site) is a recently released publication from a team of three editors and a multitude of different authors, focusing on fantasy and science-fiction in particular with interviews and reviews joining the fray. I paid… Continue reading Review: Three Crows Magazine Issue 1