Review policy

My rating system is as follows:

5/5 – absolutely loved the book. It excels in storytelling or getting its message across.

4/5 – thoroughly enjoyed the book. A really solid read and one I will not hesitate to recommend.

3/5 – a book that I liked and enjoyed, but suffers from a few issues.

2/5 – a book I did not really enjoy reading. It has substantial flaws which hinder the experience and prevent me from recommending the book.

1/5 – really not for me. Not an enjoyable experience at all. I will most likely DNF any book which is this bad.


Half-stops are common and bridge the gap between the categories. These will be rounded up or down for Goodreads and Amazon reviews.


All views are my own; all reviews are honest. That means if I love a book or dislike it, I will give my truthful opinions. Having said that, none of my reviews are malicious and I always try to find positives with my reading experiences. Please also remember that I am critiquing a book, and not an author on a personal level.


I am more than happy to review books you wish to submit as long as they fall into the following genres: fantasy, urban fantasy, epic, grimdark, historical fiction, and space opera. If this suits your book, just contact me at aperturereads[at]


I am currently open for review requests for paperback review copies OR non-Audible audiobooks (e.g. the MP3 files themselves). Any Audible account associated with myself is unable to redeem any promotions codes (such as those sent to me by authors or publishers) – I am in the process of trying to get this fixed. Of course, I promise to not distribute any non-DRM protected files. I am UK based.