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Review: The Night Cyclist – Stephen Graham Jones

The Night Cyclist -  Stephen Graham Jones. 5/5 30 pages| Publisher: Tor| Genre: Horror The digest: The Night Cyclist demonstrates how a skilled author can create an intense and enthralling narrative in only 30 pages. Without a doubt the most engaging short I have read in a long time, with enough blank space in the detailing… Continue reading Review: The Night Cyclist – Stephen Graham Jones

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BC: My 2018 Reading Challenges

I've seen a fair few people posting updates about their 2018 reading challenges, but as my blog didn't exist at the start of the year I thought I would combine both my challenge 'announcement' with updates.   Without further ado, let's get into them.   Read 52 books. I think this might be the one… Continue reading BC: My 2018 Reading Challenges

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Review: The Clarity of Cold Steel: A Steampunk Detective Novel – Kevin Wright

The digest: The Clarity of Cold Steel has one of the most unique takes on a post-apocalyptic world that I can remember – it is clearly the result of much hard work, and the efforts seem to have paid off. The plot is absolutely stunning, and the development of our protagonist through his speech and other nuances is very well handled.