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Book Chat: July 2020 Wrap Up

Taking a look at what Goodreads says that I finished in July, I was actually quite productive (reading-wise, at least!). Let's have a look at what I read and what my thoughts are. I'm always trying out new formats, so this will be a quite short post with the books listed in order of completion… Continue reading Book Chat: July 2020 Wrap Up

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July 2020 TBR

Better late than never, I always say!

In July my reading will very much be carrying on with June's plans, and that works for me. My audiobook consumption has decreased a bit as I have been wanting to listen to music and podcasts more, but hopefully I'll still be able to stick one in. I've also found myself playing video games and watching more TV than I have been in the first few months on 2020, but it's anyone's guess if that will continue.

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Review: The Night Cyclist – Stephen Graham Jones

The Night Cyclist -  Stephen Graham Jones. 5/5 30 pages| Publisher: Tor| Genre: Horror The digest: The Night Cyclist demonstrates how a skilled author can create an intense and enthralling narrative in only 30 pages. Without a doubt the most engaging short I have read in a long time, with enough blank space in the detailing… Continue reading Review: The Night Cyclist – Stephen Graham Jones

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BC: July Pickups

This month I bought four books - I've been after three of them for quite a while whilst the fourth (the newest release) I only discovered a few weeks ago. I normally try to stay away from newly released books unless I want to read them as soon as possible after publication, but with my internship now in full swing, I thought I would treat myself a little bit. August will see the return to steep discounts if I buy any at all! As usual, I won't be talking much about the review copies I received.

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Review: The Bedlam Stacks – Natasha Pulley

The digest: Pulley's writing has improved in almost every single aspect compared to her previous novel, making The Bedlam Stacks a work of historical fiction everybody should read. A genuinely engaging, focused, layered narrative which builds momentum tremendously well, culminating in a truly satisfying climax. I urge you to read this at your earliest convenience.

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Review: The Clarity of Cold Steel: A Steampunk Detective Novel – Kevin Wright

The digest: The Clarity of Cold Steel has one of the most unique takes on a post-apocalyptic world that I can remember – it is clearly the result of much hard work, and the efforts seem to have paid off. The plot is absolutely stunning, and the development of our protagonist through his speech and other nuances is very well handled.