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BC: August 2018 Pickups

Thanks to Fopp's two books for £5 offer, this month I spent a total of £25.75 on paperbacks (that 75p was from a charity shop purchase). For those that don't know, Fopp is part of the HMV family here in the UK, selling music, films, books, posters, clothing etc. - specialising in more of the indie and obscure media than other outlets. 

Book review

Review: The Watchmaker of Filigree Street – Natasha Pulley

The digest: a solid novel which crosses over several genres (historical fiction, steampunk, low fantasy etc) which has some interesting ideas and plot mechanics. Characters grow throughout the story (through reveals, flashbacks, and normal progression), fun settings are prevalent, and it is very much grounded in a steampunk-esque Victorian era.